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  Tayassu Games is an independent game development studio founded by Juan Navarro who is a pioneer of game development in Latin America, and Oscar Loria a technology project manager with more than ten years of international experience. They along with a group of young talented passionate professionals work every day creating experiences through interactive software. Tayassu Games is located in Costa Rica which is an incredibly natural diverse country with a high social, economic and educative stability.

Oscar Loria

CEO & Co-Founder.

Experienced manager of technology and commercial projects, beach and pizza lover, his favorite quote is: “But in my heart, I’m a gamer”.

Juan Navarro

CTO & Co-Founder.

Senior developer with a university degree on digital animation, a pioneer of videogame development in Latin America, a passionate reader and a dog lover.

Kristoffer Vela

Art Director.

Senior digital artist with clear and concise communications skills, focused on always giving the best graphic solution on time and with established budget, and explore the world is his greatest inspiration.

Wilberth Picado

Lead Programmer.

Meticulous lead developer, always improving the results of the projects assigned to him and his team, Japanese anime and workout enthusiastic.

Jean Arias

Lead Programmer.

Talented developer and videogame designer, passionate about learning something new every day, expert in the history of videogames and fervent fan of DBZ.

Meysi Arias

Project Manager.

She was a prominent business management student and now she is demonstrating why! Meysi is our specialist in initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project.

Antonio Loria

Sound & Music Designer.

A lifetime musician, devoted art professor, old school gamer, he has a natural sense for music composition and a strong commitment with his projects.

Lucía Abarca

Chief Accountant.

Very organized person, with initiative, proactive and excellent people skills. More than 5 years of experience in accounting and financial positions. Passionate about classical music and cheeseburger lover.

Olga Granados

Legal Advisor
[ Costa Rica ]

Experience lawyer specialized on commercial activities; she likes to cook and watch movies.


Cross-platform videogames development.

Android and iOS apps development.

Augmented reality.

Interactive and commercial web development.

Creation of 2D and 3D digital art and animation.

Sound and music production.



In the year 2401, an android is reactivated in a world where corrupt machines destroy the world little by little.


A fixed camera game inspired by the book "Viaje al Reino de los Deseos".


Full of unique and amazing locations based on their fictional world.


An amazing story told through the eyes of the main character.


International Women’s Day 2018

Celebrating women in our team...

March 09, 2018 | By Oscar Loria

The challenge of guiding those who will be the happy professionals of tomorrow.

The future of interactive software development and the people who will make it possible...

March 02, 2018 | By Oscar Loria


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